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Statham, Butler and Fassbender for the Film with Working Title THE GUV’NOR

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Statham, Butler and Fassbender for the Film with Working Title THE GUV’NOR

The Gun'vor

I hope you know the tough guy playing the part of Barry The Baptist in Guy Ritchie’s gangster comedy Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Well, this is the same Lenny McLean aka The Guv’nor, on which life story the U.K. production house Revolver Entertainment is developing a script. The Guv’nor, was a famed East End of London unlicensed boxer, bouncer, former criminal, bodyguard … and actor. The Guv’nor McLean was often referred to as ‘the hardest man in Britain.’ Before his death, McLean travelled to Hollywood, California, to discuss auto-biopic issue with studio executives, yet he was stuck in pre-production hell (or he pulled out when they claimed they wanted Sylvester Stallone for the part). Meanwhile, several celebrities also showed interest in the role. However, many problems faced by the project over the past year. Now, we learned the project will be based on Peter Gerrard’s book The Guv’nor Tapes, which has exclusive interviews with McLean and the closest to his heart. Paul Van Carter (Feltham) is writing the script along with Martin Askew, Lenny McLean’s nephew who has greatly contributed to the screenplays. Revolver’s Justin Marciano and Nick Taussig will produce with Lenny McLean’s son Jamie McLean. The cast budget is set to be around $5 million and several big-names are on the producers’ wish list, including Jason Statham, Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender . Furthermore, Lucas Pittaway and Daniel Hensall’s performances in the gritty Aussie crime drama Snowtown have caught the eye of the producers, too. No doubt, Lenny McLean’s life story is an inspiring one. A bare-knuckle fighter by profession, he was one of the most significant figures who ever lived in East End of London. Whoever you were, if you were right with Guv’nor, you’d have a friend for life; if you crossed him, did it at your own risk. McLean, himself, started in ITV’s Customs drama The Knock, as well as in minor roles in films such as a police chief in The Fifth Element. But his most acclaimed role was aforementioned part of Barry the Baptist. So, check him out in memorable scene from Lock, Stock and stay tuned. [youtube][/youtube]

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Scene

Source: THR

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