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Must See: New Trailer For SYRUP, Starring Shiloh Fernandez & Amber Heard!

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Must See: New Trailer For SYRUP, Starring Shiloh Fernandez & Amber Heard!

Syrup Are you guys ready for a huge Syrup update? Sure you are, so here we go – a brand new trailer for Aram Rappaport‘s movie is here and you can check it out in the rest of this report. Unfortunately, there’s still nothing about the official release date, but at least you can take a much better look at the leading cast – Shiloh Fernandez, Amber Heard, Brittany Snow & Kellan Lutz! Syrup Image 01 So, as we previously reported, the movie comes from writer/director Aram Rappaport and is actually an adaptation of the Max Barry novel of the same name which tells the story of marketing and backstabbing in the corporate soda industry. [youtube][/youtube]
The average person has three million-dollar ideas per year. Scat, an unemployed marketing graduate who knows you don’t get noticed calling yourself Michael, has had his first. It’s a sure-fire ticket to the life of shallow fame and fleeting celebrity he craves. But first he has to deal with 6, who is possibly the love of Scat’s life or possibly ripping him off, and Sneaky Pete, marketing genius, refugee from Tokyo, and Scat’s best friend—as far as Scat knows.
Syrup stars Shiloh Fernandez as Scat, Amber Heard as 6, Brittany Snow as Three and Kellan Lutz as Sneaky Pete. Let us know what you think about this trailer & make sure you stay tuned for more Syrup updates! Syrup Image 02
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