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Take A First Look At HOUSE OF HORROR!

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Take A First Look At HOUSE OF HORROR!

HOUSE OF HORROR The (d)evil made him do it! Good old blame somebody else thing. Never mind, I think that House Of Horror is definitely worth your full attention, so I’m here to share the first photo from the whole thing. As you’re going to see – this looks really spooky. But hey, the movie plot includes a horrific massacre, amateur ghost-hunters & usual paranormal stuff, so it’s quite logical. Just in case you’re not so familiar with this horror thriller, I will first inform you that it has an awesome team on board. Which basically means – Insidious helmer James Wan is on board to produce it, the script comes from Max La Bella, and Will Canon is directing the movie which centers around a gruesome crime scene. HOUSE OF HORROR Image Unfortunately, at this moment the only thing we know is that the movie is currently in pre-production, there’s still nothing about a possible release date or cast (previously rumored Maria Bello is not confirmed to star at this point.) But here’s an official synopsis, hope you’ll like it:
House Of Horror focuses on the aftermath of a horrific massacre; five college students, brutally murdered inside a decrepit, abandoned home. We are thrown right into the mix as the lead Detective, Mark Lewis, and the police department’s psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Klein, question a suspect. The young man at the center is John Ascot, bound by handcuffs in a mobile command station. During the interrogation, John explains everything leading up to the deaths of his friends. We discover that they were amateur ghost-hunters, seeking out paranormal phenomenon at the abandoned house believed to be haunted. What started out as a harmless activity turned into something truly terrifying and more than they ever could bargain for. John explains to the police that he isn’t responsible for his friends’ deaths, but rather, it was the house. He tells them he believes the house is a gateway to hell; a place of concentrated evil.
I’ll keep an eye on House Of Horror, and you – make sure to stay tuned for more!
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