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Take A First Look At Mark Murphy’s Horror THE CONVENT (aka CRYPT)!

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Take A First Look At Mark Murphy’s Horror THE CONVENT (aka CRYPT)!

THE CONVENT I know, I know, you’re confused, too! The thing is that Mark Murphy‘s upcoming horror movie obviously has two titles at this moment. Both of them are quite cool actualy – The Convent (sounds solid for a horror) and Crypt (even better, if you ask me). But that’s not so important right now, because we finally have a completely new images from the whole thing, and I’m sure you’re going to love it! So, in case you’re not so familiar with Murphy’s horror movie debut, I will first inform you that the whole thing blends classic supernatural horror with a modern found footage twist, and will tell us two interconnecting stories played out in parallel, intercutting with each other. THE CONVENT Image 09 The first story follows five twenty somethings, who, on the hunt for some excitement, break into an abandoned church/convent only to become the victims of the horrors that lurk within. The second story follows the church’s investigation into the tragic ‘accident’ that resulted in the deaths of the group that broke into the church. THE CONVENT Image 13 And if this synopsis part is not enough for you, here’s what director Mark Murphy had to say regarding the film:
Marrying the found footage genre with a more traditional theatrical style into two inter-lapping stories is one that I am sure audiences will get excited about. When your high concept is Paranormal Activity meets Blair Witch meets The Exorcist, you know the opportunity to tell a great horror yarn is there for the taking.
The Convent stars Nicola Posener, Mark Harris, Peter Woodward, Natalie Stone and Lucy Drive. Still nothing about the release date, but as usual – I’ll let you know as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, let me know what you think about this! THE CONVENT Image 01 THE CONVENT Image 02 THE CONVENT Image 03 THE CONVENT Image 04 THE CONVENT Image 05 THE CONVENT Image 06 THE CONVENT Image 07 THE CONVENT Image 08 THE CONVENT Image 10 THE CONVENT Image 11 THE CONVENT Image 12 THE CONVENT Image 14 THE CONVENT Image 15 THE CONVENT Image 16 THE CONVENT Poster
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