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THE 25th REICH Teaser Trailer and Poster

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THE 25th REICH Teaser Trailer and Poster

The 25th Reich Check out the new poster and teaser trailer for The 25th Reich.Based on the classic novella, 50,000 Years Until Tomorrow by J.J. Solomon, and with a screenplay penned by David Richardson, Serge DeNardo, and Stephen Amis – the movie is a homage to sci-fi and WWII movies of the 1950′s. Starring, Jim Knobeloch (Heaven’s Gate, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Ponderosa), Serge DeNardo (Greeks on the Roof), Angelo Salamanca, Dan Balcaban and Jak Wyld. The 25th Reich The 25th Reich The 25th Reich The 25th Reich The 25th Reich Five American GI’s stationed in Australia in 1943 find themselves embroiled in a secret OSS time-travel mission that goes horribly wrong. The hapless soldiers are catapulted 50,000 years back in time, to retrieve an alien spaceship that might help the Allies win the war against Hitler. The soldiers fix their time machine, but are sent 300 years into the future, where the Nazi’s have not only taken over the Earth, they are now preparing to overthrow God in the 25th dimension! How can five hapless GI’s save the future – the past – and every moment in between? The 25th Reich, a crazy new genre mash-up from Australian director, Stephen Amis (The Real Thing, The Alive Tribe, Oz Encounters, UFO’s in Australia), is in post-production. No release date is set yet but we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest developments.
The 25th Reich Poster

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