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Watch: 3 New TV Spots For THE HEAT, Opening This Month

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Watch: 3 New TV Spots For THE HEAT, Opening This Month

THE HEAT I’m an albino so I look like a bad guy? LOL, these new TV spots for The Heat are hilarious! Really guys, say what you want but Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are a fantastic team! Good cop & mad cop, remember? Bullock is an arrogant bitch, McCarthy is soooo rude, what could possibly go wrong? [jwplayer mediaid=”160009″] Written by Katie Dippold, and directed by Paul Feig, the upcoming crime comedy revolves around the above mentioned wildly incompatible law officers who join forces to bring down a ruthless drug lord. [jwplayer mediaid=”160010″] Bullock stars as FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn, a methodical investigator with a reputation for excellence (and hyper-arrogance), while McCarthy plays Detective Shannon Mullins, a foul-mouthed lady with a very short fuse. What a combination! [jwplayer mediaid=”160011″] Here’s how Bullock describes this weird buddy-chemistry:
I’d say it’s the rare happening when actors get together and you have chemistry, connection, just something that works that’s bigger than what’s on the page. I think we, luckily, had it on both an acting level and a comedic level. Her style and my style are very different, but they always met in the middle and they were absolutely appropriate for what was needed to happen on screen.
Anyway, I will once again remind you to check out some great clips, trailers, posters and more TV spots for the whole thing, ’cause The Heat opens on June 28th, 2013. Let us know what you think about these videos & stay tuned for more! THE HEAT Poster 01
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