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Watch: New Trailer For Andrew Traucki’s THE JUNGLE

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Watch: New Trailer For Andrew Traucki’s THE JUNGLE

THE JUNGLE Ready for another suspense thriller? Well, I’m sure all Andrew Traucki fans out there are pretty excited about his upcoming The Jungle, but unfortunately, when it comes to release date – the only info we have is July/August 2013. Still, the good thing is that (at least) we have this new trailer to share, hope you’ll enjoy… So, in 2007, you feared the swamp. In 2010, you feared the ocean. This time – the fear is real, ’cause every habitat has a natural predator, and as you’re about to see – this place is definitely not natural. [jwplayer mediaid=”161383″] The Jungle is the third film in Traucki’s genre trilogy of terror, along with Black Water and The Reef (which he is calling Three Colours Red), and will tell us the story of:
…an Australian Leopard conservationist who ventures into the remote Indonesian jungle with his documentary filmmaker brother; to investigate reported sightings of an endangered species of leopard. Their trek into the jungle becomes ever more bizarre and sinister – with the realization they are being stalked by a deadly unseen predator.
The Jungle cast includes Rupert Reid, Agoes Widjaya Soedjarwo, Michelle Santos and Igusti Budianthika. We’re definitely interested in that release date, stay tuned! THE JUNGLE Poster
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