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THE LAST EXORCISM 2 First Official Plot Synopsis

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THE LAST EXORCISM 2 First Official Plot Synopsis

The Last Exorcism II The Last Exorcism 2 made an appearance at the annual November gathering in Santa Monica called American Film Market, where buyers and sellers haggle over rights to raise money for the film and to discuss a ton of upcoming projects. One of the things discussed was the plot summary for next installment of 2010 surprise hit, which is now being titled as The Last Exorcism II: The Beginning of the End. The film has Ashley Bell making her return as Nell Sweetzer, the little girl that was possessed, struggling to put her life back together, but still being pursued by the demon that had possessed her. Here’s a bit of news regarding the official plot synopsis for the upcoming sequel courtesy of Collider:
Eli Roth & Strike Entertainment bring us an even more terrifying and bigger scale sequel to THE LAST EXORCISM that grossed $70 million worldwide. It looks like Nell Sweetzer’s last exorcism was not foolproof. She is back… and so are her demons. Continuing where the first film left off, teenage Nell Sweetzer is found dirty and terrified in the woods having just escaped a demon ritual in which a cult helped her give birth to a demon baby. Confused and scared, Nell is examined by doctors but she doesn’t remember much about the previous few months except that as a result of everything, her family is now dead. She is moved into Davreaux – a girls’ halfway house in New Orleans, where she will try to put her life back together with the help of the therapist, Frank Merle. She even begins to date a boy named Chris and starts a job at a local hotel. But something doesn’t feel right to Nell. She is being sought after by the demon who possessed her in the first LAST EXORCISM. It wants Nell, but in a different way than before…
Opposed to the PG-13 of the first film, the sequel is said to be aiming for an R-rating. Ed Gass-Donnelly (This Beautiful City) will direct. There’s no release date yet. Are you curious about the cinematic angle for this film as the first was presented as a mockumentary? The Last Exorcism 2

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