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THE PROTOTYPE Teaser Trailer

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THE PROTOTYPE Teaser Trailer

The Prototype Bandito Brothers, the production company behind Act of Valor have released the first teaser trailer for The Prototype. As you can see from the teaser, the sci-fi/actioner follows an escaped prototype robot from a military facility, being hunted by the government and its creator. The Prototype, written and directed by Andrew Will, stars Neal McDonough, Joseph Mawle and Anna Anissimova. Ok, that’s what we know about this movie for sure, but here’s something that looks like (official) synopsis?
In the near future, Dr. Alex Maxwell, the head of the robotics field, is close to a breakthrough that would allow a person to transform into a robot. When a paramilitary unit attacks his company, killing all of his employees and critically injuring the woman he loves, Maxwell chooses to become a robot in order to defeat the unknown assailants and uncover the truth behind the attack.
So, stay with us for more official info and possible The Prototype release date.

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