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The Return of Francis Ford Coppola!

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The Return of Francis Ford Coppola!

Francis Ford Coppola It’s been ten years since legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola graced the silver screen after helming some true film classics like “The Godfather” trilogy and Apocalypse Now, but his new film Youth Without Youth might seem like a daring move and possibly the least commercial film of Coppola’s long career.

Based on the metaphysical writings of Romanian philosopher Mircea Eliade, the film follows Tim Roth as 70-year-old linguistics professor Dominic Matei, a man haunted by his lost love Lara while languishing in Bucharest, and after being struck by lightning, he goes through a process of rejuvenation that reverts his body back to that of a 40-year-old. Things get even more interesting when he meets the beautiful Veronica (Alexandra Maria Lara from Downfall) who is the spitting image of his ex and channels an ancient spirit named “Rupini” while speaking in ancient tongues. (It’s probably mind-blowing stuff for those who are able to get it.)

ile Coppola’s production on the film traversed the globe from Romania to Geneva to Malta and India, had a chance to grab some time with Mr. Coppola during a stop in New York, before he returned to South America to continue filming his next movie Tetro.

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