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Top 10 Highest-Earning Hollywood Actors and Actresses 2011

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Top 10 Highest-Earning Hollywood Actors and Actresses 2011

Jennifer Aniston

Happy and wealthy 2011 year for some Hollywood stars, indeed. I’m still shocked by all these millions I’m seeing in this report but I know you all want to see who are this year’s top 10 highest earning Hollywood actors and actresses, so let us begin!

As usual, we will thank Forbes for this little compilation that features your favorite faces and their pay-checks. Should we start with female leaders? Yeah, why not!

Angelina Joile Topless Wallpaper

Number 1: still Angelina Jolie with $30 million! This hot actress and fresh Hollywood director was latest seen in Salt and The Tourist but we had a lot of reports about her directorial debut – In The Land Of Blood And Honey during 2011. Guess she still deserves all of your attention, at least – her pocket says so.

Number 2: Sarah Jessica Parker with $30 million! Yeah, well, pretty much the same as the above mentioned Jolie, but I guess we’ll all agree that Parker haven’t had some huge projects in this year. I mean, we all still connect her name with Sex and the City film and series, and a few cool perfumes. But hey, as long as that fits the budget – we’re in!

Jennifer Aniston: Sexy, Clean and Floral

Number 3 & 4: Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, both with $28 million! Same situation here. Jennifer Aniston had quite successful year with that freaky role of Dr. Julia Harris in Horrible Bosses comedy, while legally blonde Witherspoon will next be seen in an action comedy This Means War, where she stars alongside Chris Pine and Tom Hardy.

Number 5 & 6: Snow White and The Evil Queen with $20 millions. Oh, sorry, Kristen Stewart and Julia Roberts. And yes, we’re talking about two different Snow White movies here, but one thing is for sure, both Stewart and Roberts are our favorites when it comes to this big screen adaptation of the well-known fairytale.

Number 7: Katherine Heigl, $19 million! Well, this is a surprise for me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, this lady is really hot, smart and funny but we will see her…where exactly? Except that New Year’s Eve project and One For The Money which is set to open on January 27th, 2012, I see nothing spectacular about this girl.

Cameron Diaz

Number 8: Cameron Diaz, with $18 million. See what I’m talking about. Kind of unfair that always-busy Diaz is on the 8th place. I mean – The Green Hornet, Bad Teacher and What to Expect When You’re Expecting are just a few titles where this lovely lady starred (and will star) as the lead.

Robert Downey Jr.

Number 9: Sandra Bullock, with $15 million. Last year Oscar-winner is definitely one of the highest paid actresses these days, and she sure deserves it! One of the projects we’re definitely excited about is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close where she stars alongside Tom Hanks.

Number 10: Meryl Streep, with $10 million! Talking about an unfair list, extraordinary Streep is, believe it or not the last one on this compilation. But, let me tell you just one thing – we’re so happy Streep is still very busy lady and we’re looking forward to see her in The Iron Lady which opens on January13th, as well as writing about her performance in the upcoming Great Hope Springs which also stars Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell.

When it comes to the top 10 list of highest-earning actors in Hollywood, we have quite interesting situation. I really thought that Robert Downey Jr. who is in almost every single report these days is number 1, or something like that. But, believe it or not, The Great Gatsby star, Leonardo DiCaprio is still the highest-paid actor with $77 million! For example, above mentioned Downey Jr., who will next be seen in The Avengers is number 7 with $31 million!

Leonardo DiCaprio

But when it comes to other powerful men in Hollywood, here’s what we have. After DiCaprio, there’s always wanted face – Johnny Depp with $50 million. Then, Adam Sandler with $40 million and Will Smith with $36 million.

On the other hand, Tom Hanks and Ben Stiller are among top ten with $35 million, while Tom Cruise is at the bottom of the list with $22 million.

Strange situation with some other guys who are quite popular these days, at least right here on FilmoFilia.

Our favorite James Bond, Daniel Craig, shares his position with Robert Pattinson and Brad Pitt (yeah, I said it’s strange!) with $20 million, while We Bought A Zoo star, Matt Damon is not even included in the list, with $18 million. Should we mention Crazy Stupid Love, The Ides of March and Drive (with a big ‘S’) star Ryan Gosling? But, I’m sure 2012 will be his year.

We wish you happy and wealthy 2012, guys!

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