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Twilight Alumnus Kellan Lutz Cast In TATUA

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Twilight Alumnus Kellan Lutz Cast In TATUA

Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz is among the cast members that skyrocketed to superstardom because of the Twilight Saga series. Now that the series is over, the hottest vampire in the pack needs to capitalize on his fame quickly before it fades away and has found a new potential franchise to sink his teeth into.

Twilight star has signed on to star in the indie genre flick Tatua, which is based off an original idea from the comic book by Paul Jenkins and Rob Prior.

Lutz will star as a covert assassin that has a rare blood type that lets him be tattooed with a powerful ink, which he can then pull off of his skin and use as real objects, but given that the various lethal items are culled from a combo of blood, he must use the weapons quickly, before they dissolve. Things get awkward when his son is kidnapped.

Producer Rick Schwartz hired VFX veteran Aaron Sims to make his directorial debut on Tatua, based on the strength of his short, Archetype.

Schwartz, whose production credits include Machete Kills and The Departed, reportedly said that he was searching for a film that would be less expensive than the superhero genre, but similar to ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Underworld’.

Paul Layden wrote the script, and Schwartz’s Overnight Productions has lined up the financing for a March production start in Toronto with a budget of $15 million.

Helpful is that Lutz looks good without a shirt.

Check out the Sim’s short Archetype, starring Robert Joy (Land of the Dead) and David Anders (Heros).


Source: Deadline

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