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“Twilight” Extra Shooting’s Behind-the-Scenes Photo

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“Twilight” Extra Shooting’s Behind-the-Scenes Photo

Twilight Movie Photo With the news that the Twilight‘s movie’s release date has been pushed up to take over the old “Harry Potter 6” date of November 21st, the pressure is higher for the cast and crew of “Twilight” to deliver a product worthy of its hype. Though the principal photography of vampire drama “Twilight” has been wrapped up months earlier, the cast and crew of the Summit Entertainment’s romantic thriller are going back to the production set once again. They are getting back together starting on Monday, August 25, to filming some extra scenes to spice up the movie even more. Here’s what actor Peter Facinelli told MTV about the scene they’ll be shooting this coming week, he plays vampire patriarch Carlisle Cullen in the movie..
“They liked it so much, they are bringing us back for some encore time – to beef it up,” he said. “A little salt and pepper.”
“I can tell you it’s a flashback scene,” Facinelli offered. “It gives us a little bit of history of the Cullen family. … They are just shooting a couple of different added scenes, and the scene I’m in, I can tell you it’s me and Robert Pattinson. … Rosalie and Emmett are in that scene.”
Giving out more details, actor Taylor Lautner said that some of the new shots are taken to add his character, Jacob Black, to the end of the movie. “Well, I am going to be in the prom scene now, at the very end of the film,” he explained. “At first we didn’t film that, and now some people are saying they want to see a bit more of Jacob, and they want him in the prom scene at the end.” Adapted from Stephenie Meyer‘s bestselling novel of the same name, “Twilight” resolves around seventeen-year-old Isabella ‘Bella’ Swan, her mysterious vampire classmate, Edward Cullen, and their unlikely romantic relationship. Finding acceptance from one another, their romance blossoms. However, it puts Bella’s life in grave danger as Cullen’s nemesis comes to the town and sets his eyes on Bella. [Photo: EMPIRE]

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