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Warner Bros Pick Up The Future Of Us

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Warner Bros Pick Up The Future Of Us

The Future Of Us

I was always wondering how it looks when man and woman write a book. Together, I mean. Well, guess what, Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler are responsible for the novel titled The Future Of Us which is the living proof that above mentioned thing is actually possible.

And that’s not all! We just learned that Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to The Future of Us so, get ready for another interesting adaptation!

Not much is known about the whole thing at this moment, beside this little description:

“The story centers on a young girl who, in 1996, logs onto the Internet for the first time. An unusual website pops up which is her Facebook profile from 15 years into the future. Along with her best friend, the girl tries to adjust her life to fit into this future profile she sees.”

At this moment we know that WB has not set a writer to adapt Asher/Mackler’s novel, but we must admit that we’re definitely interested in this project (I would love to see my Facebook profile from 15 years into the future) so we’ll definitely keep an eye on it.

Let us also mention that Jay Asher is probably best known as the man behind the best-seller 13 Reasons Why, which, I’m sure, sounds familiar to you, since it’s in development at Universal, and Selena Gomez is attached to star in the adaptation. And of course, we already wrote about that one as well!

As usual, stay tuned for more updates!

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