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Watch: New Trailer For Shane Carruth’s UPSTREAM COLOR

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Watch: New Trailer For Shane Carruth’s UPSTREAM COLOR

UPSTREAM COLOR ‘You can change your story’s shape, but the color will always bloom upstream.’ A one-time software engineer Shane Carruth who burst onto the independent film scene with 2004′s Primer was back at last with a new film called Upstream Color. The indie film will make its debut on Monday, January 21st, in the Dramatic Competition at the Sundance Film Festival and will open in New York at the IFC Center April 5th, 2013. After that, Upstream Color is expanding in more than 20 markets, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Dallas and Chicago.  The film will screen at the Berlin International Film Festival in mid-Februar and will become available on digital and cable platforms in May as well. Carruth is again director, writer, producer, cinematographer, composer, co-editor and actor. The enigmatic science fiction tale follows a young woman (Amy Seimetz) abducted and brainwashed with an organic material harvested from a specific flower who meets a man (Carruth) and after the two fall for each other, they come to realize he may also have been subjected to the same process. To put it another way, a man and woman are drawn together, entangled in the life cycle of an ageless organism. Identity becomes an illusion as they struggle to assemble the loose fragments of wrecked lives. UPSTREAM COLOR The writer-director explains films connection to audience:
As a filmmaker you try to make a compelling case for an audience to stick around minute by minute with what is on the screen. By also crafting the marketing we’re still doing that, still storytelling, but we’re trying to make a case for an audience to show up. Hopefully for viewers, framing the film this way and staying true to the film’s intent makes it a bit more of an intimate relationship.
Hit the jump to check out the third trailer in a row. The film co-stars Andrew Sensenig and Thiago Martins.
From the official Sundance description:
Kris is derailed from her life when she is drugged by a small-time thief. But something bigger is going on. She is unknowingly drawn into the life cycle of a presence that permeates the microscopic world, moving to nematodes, plant life, livestock, and back again. Along the way, she finds another being–a familiar, who is equally consumed by the larger force. The two search urgently for a place of safety within each other as they struggle to assemble the loose fragments of their wrecked lives. Shane Carruth’s sensuously directed and much anticipated sophomore effort (his feature debut, Primer, won the Sundance Film Festival 2004 Grand Jury Prize) is a truly remarkable film that lies beyond the power of language to communicate while it delivers a cohesive sensory experience. With its muscular cinematic language rooted in the powerful yearnings felt before words can be formed, Upstream Color is an entirely original, mythic, romantic thriller that goes in search of truths that lie just beyond our reach
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