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Whiteout Review

WhiteoutWhiteout” has a good premise and a likeable lead, but it goes rapidly downhill and is ultimately disappointing, thanks to confusing direction, an anti-climactic finale and an ‘Is that it?’ plot that makes less sense the more you think about it. Directed by Dominic Sena (from a script credited to two different sets of brothers – never a good sign), Whiteout stars Kate Beckinsale as US Marshal Carrie Stetko, who’s taken a post at a remote research station in Antarctica in order to escape a traumatic incident in her past. As her posting nears an end, she’s considering turning in her badge, but her departure plans are put on hold by the discovery of a mysterious body on the ice… read more []
It’s all fine, as far as it goes, but that’s not very far. Beckinsale is a trim and athletic actress, but she’s not a very compelling presence, and she’s burdened by too many overdone flashbacks into her tragic past. As her avuncular best friend on the base, Tom Skerritt twinkles and collects a check. As a mysterious newcomer — and possible love interest — Gabriel Macht is every bit as exciting and memorable as he was in last year’s “The Spirit,” and yes, I’m being sarcastic here… read more [] Whiteout The exterior sequences are vivid by comparison, but while he makes whiteout conditions look terrifying, they hinder viewers almost as much as the characters; the inevitable big showdown is a visual muddle of thickly blowing snow and identical-looking people in parkas battling over identical-looking safety lines. Briefly, not knowing who has the upper hand is exciting, but as the fight wears on, it becomes irritating. Then again, the way the rest of the story goes, we’re probably lucky Beckinsale doesn’t narrate the whole thing to make sure we don’t misinterpret a moment… read more [A.V.Club]
Kate Beckinsale has to be one of the most schizoid actors working. She careens from arty dramas like “Snow Angels” to schlock like the “Underworld” vampire series. Her latest, “Whiteout,” finds her on another slumming expedition. Even a bad thriller can be entertaining, and this gory murder mystery set in Antarctica has a certain dumb fascination — up to a point. Then it is defeated by its sheer idiocy. The advertising will draw the core audience to the opening weekend. A huge drop-off awaits…read more [THR] Whiteout photo Being a U.S. Marshal overseeing scientists and other adventurous sorts in Antarctica is like being the mall cop of the tundra. Not all that much happens. But in Whiteout, Kate Beckinsale’s Marshal Carrie Stetko must contend with several grisly murders. She’s chased in bone-chilling wind by a hooded guy with a pickax in temperatures of 55 below zero, trapped many feet below the icy surface with waning oxygen. Still, her hair always looks perfect — even after being stuck in a furry cap or parka hood for hours… read more [USA Today]
The picture is based on a graphic novel by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber, and the script was written by two sets of brothers: Jon and Erich Hoeber and Chad and Carey W. Hayes. All these scribes have disgorged a heap of nonsense with laughable dialogue (“Doc, this wasn’t an accident!”). Director Dominic Sena ( Swordfish) favors the flashy style of music-videos—lots of handheld shots and rapid-fire editing of images that never quite come into focus. A headache is guaranteed. The cinematography by Chris Soos takes advantage of the white-on-white locales (filmed in Manitoba and Quebec), and the eerie music by John Frizzell provides the frissons of suspense missing from the writing and direction… read more [Film Journal] Whiteout photo Kate Beckinsale, Whiteout “Whiteout” contains exactly that experience, and as director Dominic Sena (“Gone in 60 Seconds,” “Swordfish”) puts all of the elements in place, the atmosphere and set-up is, for a while, enough to excuse the silliness and “Scooby-Doo”-style acting. The action takes place in a secluded science base in Antarctica! That box is from a Soviet fighter downed in 1957! But sadly, “Whiteout” wimps out, starting out like “The Thing” and winding up like “CSI: South Pole,” wasting whatever it has going for it… read more [NY Daily News] To learn more about the plot and what it takes to shoot in the cold of Canada, check out interview with Kate Beckinsale, as well as her co-stars Gabriel Macht and Alex O’Laughlin below.

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1 Comment

  1. Dave Mowers

    September 19, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    National Tragedy Hits American Movie Fans on Traumatic Anniversary


    Two of Hollywood’s top-billing talent died tragically today in a freak accident. The saddest part about the story seems to be that it is so common these days with movies. Tom Skerrit, with more than 140 appearances on T.V. shows and the big screen, was riding shotgun with Kate Beckinsale in Whiteout when a massive storm of creativity blew right out the window taking both actors with it. Yes, not surprisingly their careers died on the very screen they worked. Dallas from Alien has signaled he is hanging up his space suit and retiring from trying. While Kate, brings us all back to the early days when she was model; with no less than a hundred “my face is pretty when wrapped in a fur hat” and shot from straight on- moments. Freakishly, they both deliver the worst performances ever. I won’t even begin to mention the supporting cast- frozen between layers of boredom.

    After only fifteen films under her belt, Kate became almost convincing as an actual actress with Brokedown Palace. The latest drama for Victoria Beckham’s best friend proved as shallow as Ms.Davis’ character. True, it does feel depressing to lose such a beautiful model-esq actress as Beckinsale, though fans could use their free cash flow for a more exciting investment- like ice-cream brain freeze. Even with snow, sleet, and wind Kate’s magnificent Antarctic hairdresser manages to fix her hair after every shot. Even when running from the killer bad guy! Do not mess with U.S. Marshal Stetko’s hair! The fast-paced action keeps you on your seat’s edge while Katy runs in circles- LITERALLY around the Amundsen-Scott station chasing after the mysterious killer. One tenses up in fear as you realize THE WHOLE BASE is a whopping three buildings, interconnected and appearing to be 3,000 square feet! Ahhhhhh, no stay away Hero Marshal I’ll run around the mess hall table and avoid capture before darting off into the next room and forcing you to chase me around the office desk! Evil genius coupled with hardened stamina of the criminal. You find yourself wondering if a fourth grader wrote the script.

    What awesome secret plot twist could bring Tom to play the role of second string to a former vampire hunter you ask? Get ready, Russian diamonds lost in a plane crash and probably worth millions- if you could sell half a billion dollars worth without anyone knowing! I know I know…I blew the whole movie for you now. I only want to do the world a favor, force Beckinsale to realize that she has no hope as an actress without her husband- Len Wiseman’s Underworld franchise. I used to think Len was the lucky one for having Kate agree to star in his trilogies. Now I understand the secret Ms. Beckinsale keeps so closely guarded. I for one will be at the theater opening night for Underworld Nine, but unless Mrs. Wiseman starts filming porn, Hollywood won’t receive another dime from this punter. I suddenly feel like spending another three hours stabbing myself in the head, see ya.

    “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.” – Winston Churchill

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