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Little Big Soldier - Jackie Chan and Lee-Hom Wang

Movie Photo Gallery has been updated with new photos and posters from upcoming action comedy Little Big Soldier. You can check out bigger versions of each by clicking them below

Jackie Chan stars as a lowly, unnamed Liang soldier who survives an ambush by Qin forces that decimates his 2000-strong army. The only other survivor appears to be a young Wei general (Wang Lee-hom) fighting for the Qin, who Chan’s character takes hostage and together they set off back to Liang, where he can collect a plot of land as reward for his captive. The injured general needs his captor if he is to reach civilization, but that doesn’t stop him attempting to escape, or at least take a swing or two, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Hotly pursued by Prince Wen (Steven Yoo) and his personal entourage, and set upon by a varied assortment of opportunistic peasants and marauding nomads along the way, the mismatched pair are frequently forced to fight side-by-side to save their hides and sure enough, a begrudging mutual respect slowly develops.

A scene from Little Big Soldier Little Big Soldier - Jackie Chan and Lee-Hom Wang Little Big Soldier - Jackie Chan and Lee-Hom Wang

Little Big Soldier - Lee-Hom Wang Little Big Soldier photo Little Big Soldier - Jackie Chan

Little Big Soldier is directed by Sheng Ding (Underdog Knight) and also starring Yoo Seung-jun, Lin Peng, Xiao Dong Mei.

Little Big Soldier Poster Little Big Soldier Poster

Right now, there’s no U.S. release date.

If you haven’t seen Little Big Soldier trailer, check it out now

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