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14 Character Posters From NYMPHOMANIAC

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14 Character Posters From NYMPHOMANIAC

Nymphomaniac - Character Posters

Magnolia Pictures has released this collection of 14 character posters for Lars von Trier’s erotic two-part journey, Nymphomaniac.

Sex-and-flesh filled provocative saga is led by Charlotte Gainsbourg who plays Joe, a young woman who recounts her sexual history to Seligman (Stellan Skarsgard), an old, charming bachelor who finds Joe beaten up in an alley.

These posters don’t feature any naughty bits, but the cast is giving the camera their best O-face except for Shia LaBeouf.

The film also stars Stacy Martin, Jamie Bell, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Connie Nielsen, Mia Goth, Udo Kier, Jean-Marc Barr, Caroline Goodall, Kate Ashfield, Saskia Reeves, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Hugo Speer, Felicity Gilbert, Michaël Pas, Jesper Christensen, Jens Albinus, Nicolas Bro, Cyron Melville, Shanti Roney, Omar Shargawi, Tania Carlin, Severin von Hoensbroech, Peter Gilbert Cotton and many more.

Nymphomaniac is slated to open in Denmark and Norway on December 25th and is heading towards a full premiere at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

The majority of the one sheets are mildly NSFW. Check them all out below and let us know your favorite.

Nymphomaniac - Poster-Christian Slater

Nymphomaniac Poster-Mia Goth

Nymphomaniac-Poster-Charlotte Gainsbourg

Nymphomaniac-Poster-Connie Nielsen

Nymphomaniac-Poster-Jamie Bell

Nymphomaniac-Poster-Jens Albinus

Nymphomaniac-Poster-Nicolas Bro

Nymphomaniac-Poster-Shia Labeouf

Nymphomaniac-Poster-Sophie Kennedy Clark

Nymphomaniac-Poster-Stacy Martin

Nymphomaniac-Poster-Stellan Skarsgard

Nymphomaniac-Poster-Udo Kier

Nymphomaniac-Poster-Uma Thurman

Nymphomaniac-Poster-Willem Dafoe


The film is a wild and poetic story of a woman’s erotic journey from birth to the age of 50 as told by the main character, the self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, Joe (Gainsbourg). On a cold winter’s evening the old, charming bachelor, Seligman (Skarsgard), finds Joe beaten up in an alley. He brings her home to his flat where he cares for her wounds while asking her about her life. He listens intently as Joe over the next 8 chapters recounts the lushly branched-out and multi-faceted story of her life, rich in associations and interjecting incidents.

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