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Smartphone Will Terrorize You: Trailer, Images & Poster For Bobby Boermans’ APP

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Smartphone Will Terrorize You: Trailer, Images & Poster For Bobby Boermans’ APP

APP Compromising photos, videos and text messages – just name it, Bobby Boermans‘ movie App has it all! Hey, nothing to be surprised about – after all, we’re living in a massive computer, right? Head inside to find the trailer, poster and some pretty cool images from the upcoming Dutch thriller, hope you’ll enjoy…
Boermans directed the whole thing from a script written by Robert Arthur Jansen, which revolves around a young psychology student named Anna, who is drawn into the dark and fearful world of a diabolic and mysterious App that starts to terrorize her. APP Image 01 APP Image 02 APP Image 03 APP Image 04 APP Image 05 APP Image 06 Here’s the official synopsis:
Anna, a young student, gets caught up in her own virtual world. She is addicted to apps, social media and her smartphone. One day Anna discovers a mysterious new app on her phone. It has the answer to every question. Not just scientific questions, but also about her personal life and her friends. When the app starts sending her cryptic texts and codes connected to the sudden and strange deaths of people around her, it becomes evident that it is not just a handy app.
APP Image 07 APP Image 08 APP Image 09 APP Image 10 APP Image 11 APP Image 12 Dutch actors Hannah Hoekstra, Isis Cabolet, Robert de Hoog and Alex Hendrickx all star in App, which is unfortunately still without an official release date here in US. As usual – click on all these pics to enlarge & stay tuned for more updates, ’cause we’re definitely interested in this project! APP Poster
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