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Avatar 2 Movie James Cameron has been talking about making an “Avatar 2” two months ago, way before the first film hit theaters. Now that “Avatar” has become a great success, an additional $75 million in its second week of release which would make it the #2 biggest second weekend ever just behind “The Dark Knight,” there is no doubt that 20th Century Fox would want to proceed with a second installment. According to a recent LA Times interview, which occurred on Avatar’s opening night, Cameron is considering exploring the other moons surrounding the gas-giant planet Polyphemus, which Pandora orbits. Cameron explained:
The planet in Pandora’s sky is called Polyphemus and its a primary for a system of moons just like in our solar system. We have some story ideas about how to branch out into other moons of Polyphemus and the Alpha Centauri A (ACA) solar system.
James Cameron also recently told ComingSoon how much “Avatar” was thought of as a possible franchise from the beginning:
Actually, when I pitched this to 20th Century Fox four-and-a-half years ago, I said, ‘You know, we’re going to spend a lot of money and time and energy creating not only a process but the assets, the CG assets, we call them – all the models of every rock and tree and plant and creature and the muscle rigs for all the creatures and the facial rigging for the main characters and all that’… huge, millions and millions of dollars. So it really makes sense to think of it as the potential start of a franchise, if you will, or a saga that plays out over several acts, each movie being an act of that saga.
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