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Avatar Avatar is a fantasy/sci-fi epic that takes place on Pandora, a lush, green planet where an humanoid alien race known as the Na’vi live in total harmony with nature. Humans want to get their hands on some of the valuable minerals contained beneath the planet’s surface, but in order to do that, they need to relocate the natives. To gather intelligence and learn more about their culture, the U.S. military creates genetic Na’vi clones that can be controlled remotely by human soldiers using a neural link. When Jake Sully, a wheelchair-bound Marine, infiltrates the Na’vi clan, he soon finds himself torn between two bodies and two opposing ways of life…read more [FilmJunk] I just got back home from the world premiere of Avatar here in London. It’s safe to keep reading. You are entering a spoiler-free zone. I wasn’t expecting much. I attended the 15 minute IMAX preview a few months back and out of context what I saw was pretty. Very pretty. The immersive technology was an obvious step up, but the scenes with the marines came across as just weird on the eye and the sequences with all the alien fauna gave me flashbacks to James Mason clambering through mushrooms forests in Journey to the Centre of the Earth. But what really had me worried was the story…read more [Twitch] Avatar Wallpaper Avatar Wallpaper Cameron came up with a lot of original ideas for this film, but the story was not one of them. Although it was well put together, clean, and everything played out like clock-work, there was no originality to it. As everyone realized as they were walking out of the theater, the film is Dances with Wolves but with blue cat-like aliens. It’s every video game you’ve ever played, ever steamy-action novel you’ve ever read, every plot line you’ve seen before in a big budget film. Is it well told? Absolutely! But with all the time and money Cameron put into it, I would expect him to tell an old story well. I get that he took a number of risks, so maybe asking for an original story was taking things too far…read more [ScreenCrave] Michelle Rodriguez, Avatar Michelle Rodriguez, Avatar First, let’s be clear… Avatar is much more than a film. It’s a prescribed cinematic experience. Pure effect. The greatest sideshow on Earth. Cameron’s aim is to take our franchise-frazzled minds and plug us back in to the mainline; to conjur the wonder of those early silent-movie audiences, aghast and alarmed as a steam-train chugged from horizon to foreground…read more [Total Film] Sam Worthington, Avatar Sam Worthington, Avatar First impressions last, and Avatar didn’t make a good first impression. But the ‘never judge a book by its cover’ saying could easily be reworked to ‘never judge a film by its first trailer.’ You have to see Avatar to believe it, and even then it’s nearly impossible to register all of what’s on screen. In fact, stop reading this now, get a ticket, go see Avatar, and then you try and describe the experience. I dare you. I double dare you… read more [] Avatar The characters carry the weight, and the actors all breathe life into them. Sam Worthington is our avatar into the world. He does the performance capture very well, helping to bring more personality to his avatar than just the animators back at WETA. Sigourney Weaver is good as the naturalist/hippy scientist that wants to have a harmonious relationship with the Na’vi in the name of scientific exploration. But it’s Stephen Lang, as the villain of our tale, who gets to chew some scenery and be a total badass at the same time. The kind of villain you love to hate. It wears him well, hopefully this brings about a Stephen Lang resurgence…read more [] Avatar The Na’vi are as realistic as can be expected of blue, 9-foot bipedal cats covered in bioluminescent spots. When interacting with each other, they look almost photorealistic. As for the 3-D work, the steadicam, panoramic type shots are beautiful. When, on the other hand, the pace picks up and the camera moves in a jerkier, faux-verite style, the illusion occasionally breaks. Still, quibbles aside, the action sequences are, for the most part, well-choreographed and entirely convincing endeavors that rarely look fake. “Avatar” represents easily the best use a live-action picture has made of 3-D; it’s too bad Mr. Cameron couldn’t come up with a story and script worthy of his spectacle…read more [The Washington Times] Avatar Video Review:
Everything in Avatar is so beautifully detailed that it almost wouldn’t matter if there were any story or dialogue at all. The 3-D effect was likewise so subtle and spot-on that you had a feeling of actually being there. At one point, ashes were falling from above (on screen) and I caught myself brushing my shoulders off in my seat like some kinda jerkoff. That’s how immersed I was. In scenes that take place in the forest, you feel as if you can almost reach out and touch the foliage. When there is action on the screen (and there is a lot of action, I assure you), I can’t imagine that you’d be able to sit still in your chair unless you’re on some kind of barbiturates or something… read more [Crave] Avatar is full of inspiration and has references to Westerners and borrows from movies like The Vanishing America. It also draws inspiration from America’s defeat in the Vietnam war. Avatar is intriguing for echoing other Cameron films’ mistrust of corporate greed like in Terminator and Aliens. But at the core, it is still a touching love story. The love between Jake and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) is heart-wrenching. This romantic tale shows that there is still hope in the universe…read more [OneIndia] Avatar Wallpaper Will the film match Titanic’s gigantic box office haul of $1.8 billion. Possibly not. The soppy, soggy doomed love story of Jack and Rose hit a particular chord with audiences. But I would be very surprised if James Cameron didn’t have another sizable hit on his hands…read more [Times] Avatar Video Review [TheMovieBlog]: [youtube][/youtube]



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