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Brad Pitt in Ridley Scott’s THE COUNSELOR First Set Photo

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Brad Pitt in Ridley Scott’s THE COUNSELOR First Set Photo

Brad Pitt, The Counselor

We already had a little chat about Ridley Scott‘s upcoming movie, The Counselor, but now is time to share something completely new with you! So, here’s the first set image of Brad Pitt, who stars in the whole thing next to Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz and Dean Norris.

As you already see, Pitt definitely looks like a boss, or if you prefer – the shady type guy, who has a business proposition for a respected lawyer.

In case you forgot, Pitt stars as a character named West Ray, while the movie centers on Fassbender as that respected lawyer who thinks he can dip his toe in the drug business without getting sucked down. That’s why he will soon team up with Bardem’s character to sell $20 million worth of cocaine, but will it work out?

We have no idea, but it definitely sounds like a cool story, which is no surprise when we all know that Cormac McCarthy is behind the script. And I’m sure you also remember that Pitt is a huge McCarthy fan, right? Or, as he previously revealed:

“I’ve read every word the guy’s published and most of them more than once. So this was a chance to do something of his and also to work with Ridley Scott again”.

So far – so good and for more about The Counselor – stay tuned!

Brad Pitt, The Counselor

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