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Brand New ‘Avatar’ Artwork And An Early Script Review

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Brand New ‘Avatar’ Artwork And An Early Script Review

‘Avatar’We’ve already seen bit’s and pieces of ‘Avatar’ artwork floating around and maybe even a possible glimpse of one of the ‘Avatar’ aliens (do you remember, it looked like some mad blue predator!) With the vagaries of the internet and those tedious legions of fan boy wannabe’s equipped with the latest cracked version of Photoshop, it’s a fair old task parting wheat from chaff. This latest offering comes via the Italian site Bad Taste and was supposedly ripped from Fox’s 2009 release line up. The official plot synopsis also came with it and its Italian translation tells us it’s… “The story of an injured ex-marine who finds himself involved (against his will) with men colonizing an alien planet. Finally, he chooses to change his battle array, leading the alien race in a battle for life.” Fox are certainly betting big bucks on James Cameron’s 3D ‘Avatar’ with a $200 million budget in place, big things are going to be expected of it. We know Cameron can do the business but it’s been a while since the lad has delivered product. Word is also saying that ‘Avatar’ is going to be replete with so much CGI that it will be practically an animated film. Check the image out below and also, here’s a an early ‘Avatar’ script that will doubtless have changed beyond all recognition by now but hey, it makes for interesting reading!
‘Avatar’ poster

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