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Craig Defended the Title ’Quantum of Solace’

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Craig Defended the Title ’Quantum of Solace’

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The new James Bond film has been named and is reportedly action-packed, but entertainment journalists are questioning the choice of title, asking whether it is in fact the ’worst Bond name ever’.
“At the end of the last movie his heart’s been broken and he doesn’t have that quantum of solace, he doesn’t have that … closure on what happened in his life and he needs to find out,”
Craig said. “What is great about it is it also applies to something very important in the plot,” he said during a break from filming. Here’s the list of all Bond titles. You’re still thinking that the ’Quantum’ is the worst one? 1 Dr. No 1962 2 From Russia with Love 1963 3 Goldfinger 1964 Sean Connery 4 Thunderball 1965 Sean Connery 5 You Only Live Twice 1967 Sean Connery 6 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 1969 George Lazenby 7 Diamonds Are Forever 1971 Sean Connery 8 Live and Let Die 1973 Roger Moore 9 The Man with the Golden Gun 1974 Roger Moore 10 The Spy Who Loved Me 1977 Roger Moore 11 Moonraker 1979 Roger Moore 12 For Your Eyes Only 1981 Roger Moore 13 Octopussy 1983 Roger Moore 14 A View to a Kill 1985 Roger Moore 15 The Living Daylights 1987 Timothy Dalton 16 Licence to Kill 1989 Timothy Dalton 17 GoldenEye 1995 Pierce Brosnan 18 Tomorrow Never Dies 1997 Pierce Brosnan 19 The World Is Not Enough 1999 Pierce Brosnan 20 Die Another Day 2002 Pierce Brosnan 21 Casino Royale 2006 Daniel Craig 22 Quantum of Solace 2008 Daniel Craig British actor Daniel Craig is back with a license to kill after critics and cinema-goers hailed his debut in ’Casino Royale’ in 2006, and the first blond Bond looks set to continue the role longer term. 23 Bond 23 2010 (Daniel Craig?)

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