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First Roman Polanski’s CARNAGE Trailer

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First Roman Polanski’s CARNAGE Trailer

John C. Reilly, Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz in Carnage

You know what, there’s something crazy about this Carnage movie that I’m sure you’re going to love. I just watched the trailer for the upcoming Roman Polanski‘s comedy, drama, or whatever a description of the movie is, and I must say that I’m quite satisfied.

First of all we have great cast, Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly on one side and Kate Winslet with Christoph Waltz on the other side.

They play two pairs of parents who meet to discuss the matter (and what that is you’ll check out if you read the rest of this report) in a civilized manner. But, trust me, those people are not civilized at all, they’re insane!

And that’s why I have the feeling that Carnage will be a great one to watch!

Here’s the synopsis part: A showdown between two kids: about eleven, in a local playground. Swollen lips, broken teeth…Now the parents of the “victim” have invited the parents of the “bully” to their apartment to sort if out. Cordial banter gradually develops a razor-sharp edge as all four parents reveal their laughable contradictions and grotesque prejudices. None of them will escape the ensuing carnage.

Carnage, based on Yasmina Reza’s Tony Award-winning drama God of Carnage, will make its debut at the Venice Film Festival and it will will be released to theaters on December 16th 2011.


Carnage Trailer

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