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First Trailer & Poster For The Jadallah Brothers’ Horror Movie ENTITY!

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First Trailer & Poster For The Jadallah Brothers’ Horror Movie ENTITY!

ENTITY First of all, let’s clear up a couple of things – this Entity has nothing to do with that other Entity movie. Horror fans remember our previous report about that one, right? Well, this Entity is a completely new horror movie which comes from the Jadallah brothers – Christopher and Jeremy, and is set to open next summer. Today we’re here to share the first trailer and poster for the whole thing, and to start our little chat about the first professional film based on the Slenderman Mythos. ENTITY Image 01 Directed by Chris and Jeremy Jadallah, and based on the screenplay by Will Phillips, Entity mixes genre elements to breathe life into the classic haunted house genre. That’s exactly what you can find on the film’s official FB page, as well as on their website. The movie stars Jerod Perez, Dorie Waters, Thomas Blythe, Samantha Shields and Eric C. Schmitz, and East Bay Entertainment will release it on July 26th, 2013. [jwplayer mediaid=”129640″]
Following the disappearance of a close family member, Casey Hughes and Morgan are sent to the vacated home to finalize affairs. Their trip takes a turn for the worse when the two discover long-repressed secrets and learn that what’s lurking in the home is beyond anything they could have ever imagined.
So, what do you think about the first trailer? Let us know and stay tuned for more! ENTITY Poster
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