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Girl Most Likely A new poster for Girl Most Likely has been released. Directed by American Splendor’s Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pucin, the film casts Kristen Wiig as a New York playwright who, after an elaborate fake suicide attempt, is put in the custody of her mother (Annette Bening). Matt Dillon (Drugstore Cowboy, Crash) is there as the mother’s boyfriend, “George Bousche.” And Darren Criss plays the young, Backstreet Boy–covering apple of Imogene’s eye. Natasha Lyonne, June Diane Raphael, Michelle Hurd, and Nathan Corddry round out the cast. Previously called Imogene, Girl Most Likel, lands in theaters July 19th, 2013. Here’s the synopsis for the film
Imogene is a failed New York playwright awkwardly navigating the transition from Next Big Thing to Last Year’s News. After both her career and relationship hit the skids, she’s forced to make the humiliating move back home to New Jersey with her eccentric mother and younger brother. Adding further insult to injury, there’s a strange man sleeping in her old bedroom and an even stranger man sleeping in her mother’s bed. Through it all, Imogene eventually realizes that as part of her rebuilding process she must finally come to love and accept both her family and her Jersey roots if she’s ever going to be stable enough to get the hell away from them.
Girl Most Likely Poster
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