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Great Expectations The latest take on adapting Charles Dickens‘classic story Great Expectations is preparing for a US opening in just a few weeks’ time. The multiplex-friendly two hour film hit UK theaters in late 2012 and to be honest, we totally forgot that Mike Newell‘s particular incarnation existed at all. Therefore, distributor Main Street Films wants to remind fans of classic literature and fine cinema of its charms with a brand new trailer. Jeremy Irvine stars as Pip, an orphan plucked out of poverty by an unknown financial backer. He falls for the elusive but unattainable Estella (Holliday Grainger), the adopted daughter of an eccentric dowager named Miss Havisham (Helena Bonham Carter). Ralph Fiennes in the role of escaped convict Magwitch terrorizes the young Pip Pirrip, while Jason Flemyng, Sally Hawkins, Robbie Coltrane and Ewen Bremner take supporting slots. The screenplay that follows on closely from a recent BBC series was written by David Nicholls, author of the book ‘One Day’. Great Expectations arrives in limited theaters November 8th, 2013. Check out the new trailer that features the turbulent love story carried out by the ultimate ‘crazy lady in a cool dress’. [jwplayer mediaid=”171439″] Synopsis:
Great Espectations is a retelling of the classic and beloved Charles Dickens story of the young orphan Pip, who is given a chance to rise from his humble beginnings thanks to a mysterious benefactor. Moving through London’s class-ridden world as a gentleman, Pip uses his newfound position to pursue the beautiful Estella, a spoilt heiress he’s loved since childhood. Yet the shocking truth behind his great fortune will have devastating consequences for everything he holds dear.
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