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JURASSIC PARK 4 to Hit Theaters in 2014

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JURASSIC PARK 4 to Hit Theaters in 2014

jurassic-park-image1 Frank Marshall who began collaboration with Steven Spielberg as a producer for Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) confirmed that the plan is still to have a fourth Jurassic Park film in theaters in two years. Rise of the Planet of the Apes writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver have been recently hired to pen the fourth dino-riffic film. jurassic-park_image2 Producer Marshall told Collider that it’s definitely a sequel, and even though Spielberg won’t be directing, he’ll be heavily involved in the process. Discussing Jurassic Park 4, Marshall revealed:
I would say that it will be on the screen within two years.
They’re reportedly aiming for a summer release since it’s a ‘popcorn movie.’ Undoubtedly, advances in visual effects technology that have been made in recent years are an important factor that will benefit the project.
That’s what’s gonna be great about it, technology’s taken a leap now that we can really do some great things.
It’s definitely going to be interesting to find the answer who is brought on board to direct the Jurassic Park 4. An idea of what the story for the follow-up will be can come from anywhere. jurassic-park-poster Stay tuned.
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