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Kevin Smith Starts Writing CLERKS III

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Kevin Smith Starts Writing CLERKS III


For those who are Kevin Smith fans, but haven’t heard yet, the ‘filmmaker turned one-man media empire’ began to write Clerks III at 4:20 on Friday morning.

The 1994 original comedy spawned a sequel, a cartoon series, and multiple comic books and launched Smith’s career as well as a sterling example of micro-budget cinema (the sum total of $27,575) and the ‘talky movie’.

Clerks image:

He first mentioned Clerks III last December when took to Twitter saying it would be a film and that it would be his last as writer/director.Errrr, sorry, he was earlier quoted as saying he wanted to bring his Jersey boys to Broadway first. That is, until Friday morning Dante Hicks and Randal Graves’ last theatrical adventure has begun.

If really it is his ‘last cinematic effort as writer/director,’ the 42-year-old filmmaker is planning on making it his best yet as he posted to his Facebook (below).

The only question would be what effect should it have on the audience. As for now he does sound optimistic and excited to be revisiting the story.

Shot in black and white, the first installment starred Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson as two New Jersey-based convenience store clerks who spend their day discussing a variety of topics including sex, movies and the fact that one of them isn’t even supposed to be there.

Clerks II brought the cast back together in 2006, adding Rosario Dawson and placed the titular characters into the colorful world of fast food after the Quick Stop burned to the ground.

My fellow fans, what are your thoughts on this?


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