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Matt Damon To Play Lance Armstrong In An Upcoming Biopic?

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Matt Damon To Play Lance Armstrong In An Upcoming Biopic?

MATT DAMON Hollywood loves a good scandal. Make one – and some famous name like Matt Damon for example, will portray you in some biopic. Looks like Lance Armstrong knew all that even before he became the part of that huge doping scandal. Let’s be honest – this biopic was already in works, then we learned that our hero is only a human who needs a little stimulants from time to time, and now, two months later – boom again! The movie is obviously coming, and Damon is indeed attached to play the disgraced (but more popular) cyclist! Ok, Damon is apparently one of the names in the frame for a movie about Armstrong, but until some other name arrives – we’ll consider him as the best choice for the role. And, you’ll admit that this could be a great experience for Damon! I mean, to play a disgraced cyclist who was recently found to have been engaged in a huge doping scandal and stripped of all the titles he won from 1999 to 2005, that should be inspirational! The whole thing will be based on Tyler Hamilton‘s book titled The Secret Race which looks inside the world of professional cycling and explores the doping issue surrounding the sport and cancer survivor Armstrong, who has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles. LANCE ARMSTRONG Now, the next logical thing to ask is – what about the movie, what’s the point, where’s the message, what could we expect from it’s end? Apparently, some film insider told The Sun newspaper:
Most sports films end in an inspirational victory. It’s hard to work out what the ending would be. Lance was a hero before this scandal. The current ending is too depressing. It would be a more appealing story with a more hopeful final act.
Relax guys, there’s nothing depressing about this news – after all, Damon could get himself a job! Always look on the bright side of life, remember?
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