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Michael Keaton to Join New Larry David Comedy

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Michael Keaton to Join New Larry David Comedy

Michael_Keaton The Other Guy’s Michael Keaton is reportedly in talks to join Larry David and Jon Hamm in Greg Mottola‘s (Superbad) untitled Fox Searchlight comedy. Keaton described the project in a recent ESPN’s pop-culture site Grant land interview:
I’m doing this movie — really an improvised movie — where he sets it all up in the outline and says, ‘Here’s what happens … ‘
The plot involves two developers, David and Hamm as characters who each invest in an electric-car company with different goals in mind. When the car becomes a success, David’s character gets his original investment back, while Hamm’s businessman becomes extremely rich, building up a believable reason for tension and conflict between the two. Vet thesp Keaton who once played Batman and Beetlejuice is being recruited to play a crazy businessman named Stumpo, who is David’s friend. Keaton also talked about knowing David:
He was one of the first guys I met when we were both doing stand-up. He actually remembered the exact month we met standing in line outside of Catch a Rising Star. At the time, I was going back and forth [from Pittsburgh] to New York — driving my ’65 Volkswagen bug — trying to be an actor, or to write, and I’d just started doing improv. So the other day Larry and I were talking about that world and I said, “Do you miss that stuff?” And I didn’t even finish the sentence, and he said, ‘Yeah. I do. But I like to do it the way Ilike to do it.’ Which I get.
Larry_David Others rumored to be involved include Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer and David Mandel to write a treatment with David. Source: Variety
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