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Monsters University Monsters University unlocks the door to show how cute and clever, and perhaps much more little kid-friendly best pals Mike and Sulley initially clashed when they arrived to college, and how a friendship emerged after all. A pair of new images have been released from the Pixar prequel and we see the friendly green cyclops Mike Wazowski (voiced again by Billy Crystal) being held up in the air by his classmate and future Monsters Inc. co-worker Sulley (voiced by John Goodman). Producer Kori Rae told EW:
They both approach life in different ways. Mike is the go-getter type, anything is possible, and he’s the super-hard worker. Sulley is different because he’s a great scarer, he has this natural ability, but Mike has to work for it.
Monster University also features the voices of Steve Buscemi, Dave Foley, Julia Sweeney, Joel Murray and Peter Sohn. Monsters Inc. will be returning to theaters in glorious 3D, next week, starting December 19th. Directed by Dan Scanlon, the prequel to the 2001s hit animated film won’t be in theaters until June 21st, 2013. Check out the new images from two very different points in the story — arrival on campus, and a frat party. Monsters University - Mike Wazowski Monsters University - Mike Wazowski - Sulley Also check out the Teaser Trailer just in case you missed it.
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