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Jack Reacher

No, we’re not here to share some update on Tom Cruise‘s divorce, so don’t expect to hear some crazy scientology rumor or something like that.

But, if you’re interested in Cruise’s upcoming Jack Reacher movie, then you came to the right place, because we have one pretty cool new image from the whole thing that we want to share with you today!

Ok, it’s not actually a stunning photo, we have Cruise just standing in the middle of the street trying to tell us something. Is it about Katie, Tom? We can’t hear you! Oh, wait, we’re in the wrong movie!

Jack Reacher is actually the Christopher McQuarrie directed project where Cruise stars as an ex-military investigator tasked with tracking down a serial sniper. Yeah, the whole thing is actually based on Lee Child’s novel “One Shot” where we have a gunman who takes five lives with six shots, and all evidence points to the suspect in custody.

On interrogation, the suspect offers up a single note: “Get Jack Reacher!” So begins an extraordinary chase for the truth, pitting Jack Reacher against an unexpected enemy, with a skill for violence and a secret to keep.

Sounds interesting and I must admit that the rest of the cast also looks good. Beside Cruise, the movie also stars Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall, Richard Jenkins, David Oyelowo and Werner Herzog.

Jack Reacher is set to open on December 21st, 2012.

Jack Reacher

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