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New Star Trek Movie Plot Details

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New Star Trek Movie Plot Details


Some significant plot information regarding the new Star Trek movie has come our way. If you read Screen Rant regularly, you’ll recall that back in October they stated that there would be Klingons in the new film. This was supposedly debunked by other sites, but lo and behold, a few days ago a slip of the lip by Anton Yelchin who plays Chekov in the Star Trek 11 apparently confirmed that Klingons will indeed appear in the film.

Well now S.R. come across some new information about the plot regarding the USS Enterprise, the timeline aspect of the film, and a whopper of a plot spoiler that’s so huge that I have decided not to reveal it.

Before I go on I want to say that I know we’re all hungry for information on Star Trek (as well as other sci-fi and fantasy movies), but I think that sometimes we can tend to get carried away and end up taking away some of the joy of seeing a movie for the first time by knowing too much about it when we finally sit down to watch it….


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. RLP

    November 20, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    I missed the new movie this summer due to my father’s death. I was very excited to purchase the new DVD. OH MY GAWD! What have they done to my beloved Star Trek???? I don’t need or want to see Mr. Spock kissing pooing Uhura!!!! Don’t get me wrong Uhura (especially the original) is a knock out beauty, but I just don’t need to see them kissing and groping on the bridge!
    I guess I am am an old 54 year old man who has watched the original (over and over) for 44 years. They made star Trek a knock off of Star Wars!!! The ship looked terrible, the aliens were stolen from Star Wars and the plot sucked. And they have mysterious stoic mystical Mr. Spock kissy pooing Uhura having Bridge sex! YUCK!!!! It is a terrible movie, bring them back from what ever time-line the producers stuck them in…I want my heros back in “real” Star Trek time!!!!!!

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