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Penelope Cruz Talks About Her New Movie

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Penelope Cruz Talks About Her New Movie

Penelope Cruz ‘Elegy’, the movie, directed by Spanish director Isabel Coixet, is based on Philip Roth’s masterpiece The Dying Animal. The story traces the chapters of the passionate, tormented and full of twists relationship between David Kepesh (Ben Kingsley) a 60 something professor who’s allergic to stable relationships with women, and Consuela (Penelope Cruz), a student who’s thirty years younger than him. With her, David will have to cope with deep emotions, fears, death, and even hope. Starring Academy Award-winner Ben Kingsley and Oscar-nominee Penelope Cruz, with extraordinary supporting performances from Dennis Hopper, Patricia Clarkson and Peter Sarsgaard, ‘Elegy’ is based on Pulitzer Prize-winner Philip Roths short novel.
Actress Penelope Cruz talks about her new movie, ‘Elegy,’ which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and chronicles a passionate sexual relationship between the student Cruz plays and her professor, played by Ben Kingsley.
Director: Isabel Coixet Writers: Nicholas Meyer (screenplay), Philip Roth (novel) Release Date: May 2008 Genre: Drama

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