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Quentin Tarantino To Play In Roger Corman Biopic?

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Quentin Tarantino To Play In Roger Corman Biopic?

Roger Corman-Quentin Tarantino Earlier this month, we got some good news that Gremlins director Joe Dante has finally landed funding for a passion project that he has been trying to get off the ground for quite some time. The long-gestating movie is called The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes and it is a biopic surrounding B-movie master Roger Corman who also helped give Dante his start in Hollywood. After rumors have surfaced in recent months that Colin Firth was circling the role, news broke today via The Telegraph that it’s none other than Quentin Tarantino who will portray his idol and friend Corman, the director and producer or 1967 cult film The Trip. Sadly, it wasn’t last long as this news has been debunked by Dante himself: Meanwhile, on his side, Corman’s Twitter account offered: Well, that’s where we are stuck right now. To be honest, Tarantino’s acting never matches his writing and directing skills. But one thing is sure, Dante is directing from a screenplay by Michael Almereyda, Charlie Largent, Tim Lucas and James Robison. Besides, the 87-year-old director gives some context for The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes:
It’s the story of how I made The Trip in the 1960s, about LSD. It starred Jack Nicholson in one of his first roles and I took LSD so I knew what it was all about. It was very controversial but it was the only American picture invited to the Cannes Film Festival that year. I have a cameo role in the movie about it, playing the executive who didn’t want me to make the film.
Check out the trailer for an artsy-fartsy Roger Corman movie that typified the hippie era, written by Jack Nicholson, and starring Peter Fonda, Susan Strasburg Bruce Dern and Dennis Hopper. [jwplayer mediaid=”171451″] We’ll see what happens!
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