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Sylvester Stallone Will Not Direct The Expendables 2

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Sylvester Stallone Will Not Direct The Expendables 2

The Expendables, Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone will develop and star in the Expendables 2, but not including Sylvester Stallone behind the lens. The script for the new movie has been written by David Agosto and Ken Kaufman.

Stallone, who starred and helmed the 2010 summer hit, is rumored having an assembly of possible candidates for the director’s seat. At this stage no names were mentioned, just said he’s been meeting with various directors to tackle the sequel.

“The Expendables” grossed a $275-million in global box office receipts on the strength of an action-hero ensemble cast that included Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Steve Austin. In the flick, a team of mercenaries gather to overthrow a South American dictator. There’s no word yet on the mission in the new one.

Some of the casting gossip for a likely sequel has focused on Bruce Willis getting a larger role, fed by Stallone’s tweet last summer that he was after the Willis as a “super villain.” Maybe even more exciting is the vision of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ex-governor, making an appearance in the first “Expendables.” At least Schwarzenegger has a plenty of time now that his Achilles’ heel – women, has taken him away from politics.

However, the last few months we’ve heard numerous rumors about the development of “The Expendables 2” – besides abovementioned, Jean-Claude Van Damme has been interested in rejoining the sequel to the 80s mashup film. So far, the only associate cast confirmed to return other than Stallone is Randy Couture.

Let another take charge of directing duties could be a clever move for Stallone, as well as the Expendables franchise. Not only it would lead to the expected Expendables 3, it would be a unique chance to spark creativity.

No news on when this starts, but it is expected to roll in front of the lens this year. We’re sure names of potential directors will start leaking within the next few days.

So, stay tuned.

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