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THE MUMMY Reboot Is Coming, Len Wiseman To Direct It

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THE MUMMY Reboot Is Coming, Len Wiseman To Direct It

Len Wiseman Do we really need this? I mean, The Mummy reboot? Well, believe it or not, but it looks that Len Wiseman is more than ready to jump into directing this remake. So, here we go – Wiseman is in some serious negotiations with Universal to come on board for the whole thing! If anyone asks – I already hate this idea. But, at least the good thing is that Transformers duo Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are already in to produce the movie which will apparently be a scarier version and a darker twist on the material. Hard to believe, especially after that Total Recall disaster, but let’s give them all a try. As the matter of fact, I’m not interested in what Wiseman has to say about this reboot. I will put my trust in Kurtzman’s words:
We’re reaching into the deep roots of The Mummy, which at its beating heart is a horror movie and then an action movie, and putting it into a context that is real and emotional.
He also revealed that it is still a four-quadrant film but also explained that audiences are hungry for more than they used to be saying that:
You can still have a family movie, an action movie that’s more grounded than these used to be. Without saying too much, we’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from Michael Crichton’s books, and how he ground fantastical tales in modern-day science.
Anyway, at the end of this report, we should also mention that Jon Spaihts is currently working on the script and that Universal Studio is eyeing a potential summer 2014 release. But honestly, I’m more interested to hear your opinion on The Mummy reboot, so feel free to share it with us! The Mummy Wallpaper
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