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The Trailer for THE POSSESSION Finally Revealed

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The Trailer for THE POSSESSION Finally Revealed

The Possession The wait is finally over! Lionsgate has unleashed the trailer for its upcoming R-rated horror film called The Possession, formerly known as Dibbuk Box. Inspired by Los Angeles Times writer Leslie Gornstein’s article ‘A Jinx in a Box’ this horror film tells the tale of a broken family that comes under attack from a malevolent supernatural entity of Jewish folklore. Here’s an excerpt from an article:
A small wooden cabinet went up for auction on EBay. Inside were two locks of hair, one granite slab, one dried rosebud, one goblet, two wheat pennies, one candlestick and, allegedly, one ‘dibbuk,’ a kind of spirit popular in Yiddish folklore. The seller, a Missouri college student named Iosif Nietzke, described the container as a ‘haunted Jewish wine cabinet box’ that had plagued several owners with rotten luck and a spate of bizarre paranormal stunts.
The film, based on this article, centers on a family who finds themselves in possession of a haunted box and their struggles to get rid of its evil curse. The Possession, which stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, Madison Davenport and Natasha Calis is produced by Sam Raimi, helmed by Ole Bornedal and penned by Juliet Snowden and Stiles White (Boogeyman, Knowing) and is set to hit theaters on August 31st, 2012. Check the first trailer below; also included is a terrifying poster. HD-Quality 1080p [1920 px] − 71 Мb (QuickTime) HD-Quality 720p [1280 px] − 36 Мb (QuickTime) HD-Quality 480p [852 px] − 27 Мb (QuickTime)
The Possession Poster
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