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WATCH: Full Oscar Nominated Short HEAD OVER HEELS By Timothy Reckart!

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WATCH: Full Oscar Nominated Short HEAD OVER HEELS By Timothy Reckart!

HEAD OVER HEELS An unusual living arrangement in 11 minutes? Yeah, that’s exactly what we have for you today – a full short film titled Head Over Heels, which comes from director Timothy Reckart! As you already know, the film is nominated for Best Animated Short Film for the 85th Academy Awards, which means it deserves your full attention! Check it out in the rest of this report and let us know what you think! Written and directed by Timothy Reckart, this stop-motion animated short film comes from a team of eleven students who made the film over the course of 15 months. In other words – it is a graduation film from the National Film & Television School, United Kingdom.
After many years of marriage, husband and wife Walter and Madge have grown apart: he lives on the floor and she lives on the ceiling. They live separate, parallel lives, never talking, barely even looking at each other. When Walter tries to reignite their old romance, it brings their equilibrium crashing down, and the couple that can’t agree which way is up must find a way to put their marriage back together.
Head Over Heels features the voices of Nigel Anthony and Rayyah McCaul. Click on the images to take a better look, and stay tuned! HEAD OVER HEELS Image 01 HEAD OVER HEELS Image 03 HEAD OVER HEELS Image 02 HEAD OVER HEELS Image 04

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