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Xu Haofeng’s Martial Arts JUDGE ARCHER Trailer And Two Scenes

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Xu Haofeng’s Martial Arts JUDGE ARCHER Trailer And Two Scenes

JUDGE ARCHER-Photo4 An upcoming martial arts film called Judge Archer, a sophomore project from the director of The Sword Identity – Xu Haofeng is premiering at the Rome International Film Festival and the first trailer and two clips can be seen below. Written and directed by one of the most promising young directors in China, who clearly understands the difference between real fighting techniques and the artistic choreography presented on the screen, the scenes contain long takes, the pace seems slow, the editing is clear with no explosive effects during the fights.
Judge Archer resolves disputes between various martial arts schools, but cannot settle his family issues and romantic affairs. When he is entrapped in a failed assassination plot his own ethics are put to the test.
The film just received three Golden Horse Award nominations at the Rome International Film Festival, starring Song Yang, Yu Chenghui, Li Chengyuan, Yenny Martin and Zhao Zheng, but doesn’t have a US distributor yet. As for Xu, he will soon to be best known to audiences around the world as the screenwriter of Wong Kar Wai’s long anticipated The Grandmasters. Check out these clips below and more pictures here. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] JUDGE ARCHER-Photo1 JUDGE ARCHER-Photo2 JUDGE ARCHER-Photo3 JUDGE ARCHER-Photo5 JUDGE ARCHER-Photo6 JUDGE ARCHER-Photo7 Source: FPP
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