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Zack Snyder Will Be Directing Superman!

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Zack Snyder Will Be Directing Superman!

Zack Snyder // Superman Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures is going with Zack Snyder to direct the upcoming Superman reboot which Christopher Nolan is producing. Deadline is reporting that Snyder has scored the coveted directing gig on the reboot of the Man of Steel story. Sucker Punch will keep Snyder very busy until it’s release on March 25, 2011. After that, Snyder promises that he’s full steam ahead on Superman. Speaking to MTV Movie News after his involvement in the upcoming superhero project is revealed, the director of Watchmen and 300 says,
“It is pretty awesome. I’m really excited, and I feel like it’s an amazing opportunity.” On working with Nolan who is said to be heavily involved in the project, he says, “I have a lot of respect for him. I would think that he would be.”
Snyder, whose latest film “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” was just released in late September, then explains his meeting with Nolan.
“It was really just talking about, in really sort of civilized and fun terms, who [Superman] was to us and what he could be,” he shares. “I think that those conversations felt free from the pressure of an ‘audition’ and felt more just talking about a character that we both liked. It was really, at that point, I was content if I was the one picked or not, that I had had a great visit. From a creative and fan point of view, I was satisfied, and that was cool.”
Heat Vision is reporting that the film’s main villain will be General Zod, played by Terrence Stamp in Superman and Superman II. Superman is one of Warners/DC Comics’ biggest icons, a major revenue generator for both studios through TV shows like “Smallville,” videogames and merchandise. The studio is hoping for a holiday 2012 release date, otherwise it risks losing the rights to the character. The last Superman film Superman Returns, directed by Bryan Singer and starring Brandon Routh as Superman, earned more than $391 million worldwide, but did not receive positive reviews and was considered a disappointment. Keep checking FilmoFilia for more on the new Superman movie as the story develops. What do you think of Zack Snyder directing Superman? [youtube][/youtube]
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