Official Trailer & Poster For Sci-Fi Thriller CLONED: THE RECREATOR CHRONICLES Says That You Will Be Replaced!

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CLONED The Recreator Chronicles

Stronger, faster, better – sounds like it has nothing to do with the upcoming Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles movie. They look like yoy, they act like you & they want to kill you – well, that actually makes sense. But, who cares, the most important thing is that Gregory Orr‘s sci-fi thriller looks great and that we finally have the official trailer, poster and some cool images from the whole thing to share!

CLONED The Recreator Chronicles Image 01

Written and directed by Gregory Orr, the movie follows three friends on a camping trip who must battle for their lives against superior versions of themselves intent on killing and replacing them.


Duplicates. Doubles. Recreations. Call them what you will, they are exact copies of Craig, Tracy and Derek, three friends on a camping trip who accidentally trigger a deadly experiment left by the Recreator, a mysterious scientist with a passion for cloning. Threatened by a superior enemy who knows everything about them, will the teenagers out-smart and escape their dangerous duplicates before they are replaced?

CLONED The Recreator Chronicles Image 02

Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles stars Stella Maeve, Alexander Nifong, Jamal Mallory-McCree, John de Lancie, and Laura Moss, and the movie will hit DVD and VOD on April 23rd, 2013.

So, any thoughts about this movie?

CLONED The Recreator Chronicles Image 03

CLONED The Recreator Chronicles Image 04

CLONED The Recreator Chronicles Image 05

CLONED The Recreator Chronicles Poster

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