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127 Hours of James Franco


127 Hours of James Franco

James Franco, 127 Hours James Franco is extremely busy at the moment, what with doing the promotional rounds for the upcoming releases of Your Highness and Howl. He will also be co hosting the Oscars when they roll around on February 27 and has reportedly been approached for the Linda Lovelace biopic. Wow! Actor/director/writer/painter/Oscar host James Franco was recently stopped at Sundance to discuss his latest film and Best Picture nominee 127 Hours. He assured us excitedly:
I know I’m biased; I think it’s the most innovative movie this year. “127 Hours” is about a guy — one single character in a single place. That is like the cutting edge of moviemaking. Short of, like, doing it in 3-D or something. I think [“127 Hours”] is perfect.
However, he certainly has this right: “127 Hours,” a movie about a Colorado adventurer’s near-fatal ordeal in a Utah desert wilderness, was nominated Tuesday for the best-picture Oscar, and its star, James Franco himself, earned a best-actor nod as well. The film received six Oscar nominations overall, as you know. The movie was based in Ralston’s book about his ordeal, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.” After hearing the announcement but before heading to class, the actor shared his thoughts on the ‘Today Show’ and couldn’t stop smiling. He simply said:
It feels great. I’m here in new heaven. I’m about to go to class, but it looks like I’m just rushing to class.
He also joked accusing the reporter of polishing Colin Firth’s(previously being interviewed) statue (Oscar) and he couldn’t stop making allusions to Firth’s favored to win. Finally he stopped laughing and admitted:
It’s a big honor. I’m very happy. And the movie, I’m so happy to have been a part of it.
Sting had once talked about how The Police made the best songs out of their most lyrically depressed — So Lonely, Message In a Bottle, King Of Pain — and Danny Boyle here crafts a ride so exhilarating we both feel and forget the pain it holds. Good luck to him and check this clip out.
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