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Action Movie DMZ Finds Writers

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Action Movie DMZ Finds Writers

DMZ Korea

The writing team of Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio have been hired by producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura to pen the script for an action thriller called DMZ.

The film will be a type of political action movie, set in the tense sector between North and South Korea. The picture also has an added aspect: a task force sent into the zone finds out something rather than the influence of a senseless father-son dictator team.

Story centers on a U.S. satellite crashed in the Korean Demilitarized Zone and a dissimilar international troop of soldiers who unite to get back the satellite even though the imminent risk of unfavorable North Korean soldiers. The unlike heroes soon learn that there is something much more lethal in the DMZ than Korean soldiers.

The writers and the producing team lately visited Korea for research, as well as the actual DMZ and the access tunnel.

Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio are presently prescribing Hellified for di Bonaventura at Paramount, with Dan Bradley attached to direct. Duo previously wrote The World After with Len Wiseman directing at Fox and The Prince with John Carpenter directing for Echo Lake. Passmore also scribed the Red Dawn remake for MGM.

As for Di Bonaventura, he produced the Transformers franchise along with Salt, G.I. Joe and Red. On the other side, CJ started a development deal with Chris Columbus’ 1492 Pictures last year and is developing a remake of Lee Hae-Joon‘s Castaway on the Moon, with Mark Waters attached to direct, alongside a reboot of a Korean movie Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance at Warner Bros.

Development of “DMZ” will be led by di Bonaventura Pictures and Jiwon Park, executive at CJ Entertainment.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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