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Boris Kodjoe Lands Lead In ADDICTED

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Boris Kodjoe Lands Lead In ADDICTED

Boris Kodjoe Lionsgate is no doubt hard at work on a film adaption of New York Times best-selling author Zane’s popular novel ‘Addicted’. The Resident Evil: Retribution star and former fashion model Boris Kodjoe is ready to tackle sex addiction as he has signed on to the  drama Addicted, being directed by Billie Woodruff (Beauty Shop, Honey) with Paul Hall producing. The story follows Zoe, a woman in a perfectly good marriage. The couple is busy raising three kids while devoted to their careers. However, it’s not enough to fulfill her basic needs as she soon finds herself satisfying her addiction to sex by sleeping with other men, which leads her down a dangerous path. The part of Zoe has not yet been cast, despite early reports from other outlets that Nia Long and Tasha Smith have also joined the film – Long is reportedly slated to play the lead role of Zoe Reynard, a sex addict, while Smith has been rumored to play Reynard’s therapist. It’s also not known who Kodjoe will play in the film, but those who’ve read the novel can speculate. His most recent role was in the 2009 science fiction film Surrogates. Stay tuned.

Zane's Addicted

For Zoe Reynard, finding the pleasure she wants, the way she wants it, is not worth the risk of losing everything she has: marriage to the man she has loved since childhood, a thriving company, three wonderful children. But Zoe feels helpless in the grip of an overpowering addiction…to sex. Finding a compassionate woman therapist to help her, Zoe finally summons the courage to tell her torrid story, a tale of guilt and desire as shocking as it is compelling. From the sensitive artist with whom she spends stolen hours on rumpled sheets to the rough and violent man who draws her toward destruction, Zoe is a woman desperately searching for fulfillment — and something darker, deeper, and perhaps deadly. As her life spins out of control and her sexual escapades carry her toward a dangerous choice, Zoe is racing against time to uncover the source of her “fatal attraction” — as chilling secrets tumble forth from the recesses of a woman’s mind, and perilous temptations lead toward a climax that can threaten her sanity, her marriage… and her life.
Source: Variety
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