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Brad Bird’s TOMORROWLAND Finds A Villain In Hugh Laurie

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Brad Bird’s TOMORROWLAND Finds A Villain In Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie-George Clooney

Emmy winning actor Hugh Laurie aka Dr House is currently in talks to play the villain in Disney’s secret new sci-fi film Tomorrowland.

The film is being developed by director Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof who have Tweeted a couple of curious images late last month of a mysterious box (below) that contains a slew of old photographs and memorabilia.

George Clooney has already been set to star in the mystery-shrouded Disney film previously referred to as 1952. The story has been described as being in the vein of Close Encounters of the Third Kind following a man who makes contact with aliens on Earth.

Meanwhile, the Disney fan club D23 came to the conclusion that Tomorrowland ‘is actually about Walt Disney’s involvement with an Army project to let the world know that UFOs really exist.’

However, Lindelof who wrote the script with Jeff Jensen has stated via Twitter that the film is ‘NOT about aliens, which can be read literally as he didn’t say it isn’t about U.F.O.’s

Besides, new title leads credence to the popular theory that the film is related to Walt Disney’s popular amusement parks — a major section of his Magic Kingdom amusement park in Orlando, Fla., Tomorrowland is home to such classic rides as Space Mountain.

Disney's Tomorrowland

Hopefully we’ll hear a few plot details before too long since production is supposed to start in a few months.

Tomorrowland is slated for a December 19th, 2014 release.

1952--Mystery Box

1952-Mystery Box

Source: THR

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