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Brand New “Max Payne” US Trailer

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Brand New “Max Payne” US Trailer

Max Payne - Mark Wahlberg

The first trailer for “Max Payne” was international, thanks to IGN today we have domestic trailer, featuring several new scenes. In the film, Mark Wahlberg plays Max Payne, a former NYPD Detective with internal and external conflicts in a dark, sinister New York City. Max Payne joins the DEA after his baby daughter and wife are slaughtered in their house by psychotic junkies, high on a new designer drug. Tracking the drug to the mafia, Payne is framed for the murder of his partner and becomes entwined in a heavy conspiracy. The series is known for its Matrix-like bullet-time, graphic violence and profanity. With all of that the movie is slated for a PG-13 rating, am I the only one in the world who wants this to be an R rated movie, after all it’s based on an M rated game. John Moore, whose most recent projects include the war actioner “Behind Enemy Lines“, the horror remake “The Omen“, and the airborne adventure “Flight of the Phoenix“, is directing from a script by Beau Thorne.

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Watch HD Quality “Max Payne” trailer [62,4 MB]

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