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“Cloverfield 2” Not Arriving Soon

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“Cloverfield 2” Not Arriving Soon

For those of you anxious for another possible dose of motion induced nausea, you can put away your medication, it looks like the “Colverfield” sequel isn’t happening anytime soon. Revealing about the decision was director Matt Reeves in an interview at the Saturn Awards in Universal City, California, on June 24.
“The thing that we sort of promised ourselves is we only wanted to do another one if we could come up with something that felt as fresh to us to make as that one did,” shared the co-creator of television drama “Felicity”.
Reeves also talked about his next picture, “The Invisible Woman“, which he wrote and describes as a Hitchcockian thriller about a woman who turns to a life of crime to save her typical suburbian family. By crime he means bank robbing, so pretty serious stuff. If you know the story, what makes it Hitchcockian? Well, he says it’s a bit of an homage to Marnie conceptually. Expect casting on “The Invisible Woman” in the next month or so. A “Cloverfield” follow on is of course not to be discounted. The coin generated by the first one almost certainly indicates more monster sized mayhem, especially given the mania for milking the golden goose for as many eggs as it will lay in old Hollywood town. Secondly, the campaign of disinformation and bum steers involved in ‘Cloverfield’ could well be gearing up again in the form of bogus projects designed to throw news hounds of the scent of a second film? [Via Collider & Sci-Fi]
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